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Online Systemic Constellations

Online Systemic Constellations

You have an issue that has been bothering you for a long time and are looking for a solution?

Do you want to understand and change deep family patterns?

Then come and join the next online constellation sessions. Constellations are a space of transformation for all participants.

Possible issues:

a. Family of origin: parental and sibling relationships are experienced as difficult

b. Partnership

c. Children and family

d. Mental or systemic co-occurring physical or psychological symptoms

e. Work and success

f. Joy of life and vitality

g. Limiting beliefs, feeling stuck, burnout…

h. Purpose

Sessions via Zoom on

Monday 24 June, Thursday 22 August, Monday 16 September, Thursday 24 October, Thursday 14 November, Monday 16 December 2024

From 8.00pm-9.30pm CET


1x with your own constellation SFR 110.

1x as a participant: SFR 35.

Package 4x (1x with your own constellation, 3x as a participant: CHF 150) - Valid one year.

Family System meets Non-Violent Communication

An online event in 4 modules by Bruna and Onorina

This online workshop, comprised of four modules, guides you to yourself, and your needs, desires and feelings. It helps you open energy sources and find the strength within yourself. Because the key to supportive and balanced relationships lies within you. 

Part One

Torn between autonomy and connection in existential relationships (identity, role confusion, parentification, own space and boundaries)

Part Two

Communicating without violence, away from old patterns, and towards authenticity

Part Three

Saying yes to myself sometimes means saying no to others

Part Four

Releasing blockages with systemic family constellations

New dates coming in 2023


SFr 200.- (4x 2h)

Sliding scale fees upon request

Individual constellations

These are too many sessions for you? No worries, you can also book an individual session with me. The fee for the individual session is CHF 130  (90 minutes)