Baum als Symbol für eine gesunde Psyche


I have studied, worked and lived equally in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. I have worked in teenage education, adult training, translation and business development, for institutions as well as commercial companies. Since 2009 I have been working as a coach and a trainer within OUTSTEP PARTNERS and as a facilitator for systemic constellations.

Based in Basel, I have been facilitating seminars and workshops in English, German, French and Italian in Switzerland and the rest of Europe.

I am a member of various national and international coaching and intercultural organizations. In my professional activities, I work closely with a network of associated partners.

Methods, influences and background for coaching and constellation work

  • Systemic Family and Management Constellations with Dr. Albrecht Mahr (www. mahrsysteme.de)

  • Systemic Self-Integration (Dr. med. Ero Langlotz, www.e-r-langlotz.de )

  • Psychosynthesis at Aeon Institute (www.aeon.ch)

  • Systemic structural constellations

  • Working with the Inner Team

  • Parts Party - Virginia Satir

  • Internal Family Systems

  • EMDR Coaching

"Win-Win is our objective"

Listening and speaking from the heart

Regardless of who is right and who is not.

MBTI Basel

MBTI certified

C.O.A. certified

Crucial Conversations Basel

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IDI Zertifiziert Schweiz

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Bruna Toubia als Pilot

You must give birth to your images

They are the future waiting to be born

Fear not the strangeness that you feel

The future must enter you

Long before it happens

Just wait for the birth

For the hour of new clarity

Rainer Maria Rilke