Step out from feeling stuck and move to new insights and empowerment.

People often come to systemic constellations because they want to "function" better in a certain area. They are then amazed when they realize that the result is not limited to functioning, but rather transforms their inner experience.

Systemic constellations are short interventions that lead to a long-term, sustainable change in our attitude, in our being. This is not about an intellectual understanding. It is about a much deeper transformation and personality development. A systemic constellation, also often called family constellation, will make you embrace your shadow and go beyond it.

What can I expect from a systemic constellation?

Systemic constellations deal with the dynamics of interpersonal and intrapersonal problems. They offer valuable help in resolving tensions and conflicts in everyday life and in coping with stress. They are very effective in gaining insights and new approaches to solutions in a wide range of areas: Family, relationships, work and health, and this regardless of whether one is struggling because of a past or a current situation.

A constellation reveals what is keeping us stuck.

Issues are either related with some kind of suffering, a blockage, or relationships with other people. The systemic constellation offers a safe space to work. You get the possibility to go beyond the current situation and achieve a positive feeling and experience of your life. You will discover other realities that will lead you to a deeper truth.

Systemic constellations will set the ball rolling and lead to an expansion of consciousness.

The effect of a constellation is not always immediately visible in everyday life. Nevertheless, a process will be initiated and small changes will take place due to the expansion of consciousness, the change of perspective and the new insights. Systemic constellations release many repressed emotions and uncover invisible entanglements. Their effect is very subtle on an unconscious level and yet incredibly intense.

Systemic constellations in group-setting move all participants deeply.

Whether it is your own constellation or the constellation of someone else and you serve as a representative or you are just an observer: A group constellation brings individual benefits for all participants involved.

Every constellation is like a journey into the depth of emotional, human and social life. The representative perception, the emotional and physical insights, the resonance with the knowing field generate and support an expansion of consciousness and views that go beyond a cognitive understanding. Participants also gain direct access to the collective consciousness.

What is the advantage of a constellation in a group-setting?

As representatives listen to their own bodies, they can gain unfiltered access to insights and to hidden dynamics. The issue holder gets support in sensing and uncovering what is essential. For the representatives, for the observers, this is an opportunity to indirectly gain insights for a higher consciousness.

What happens in a constellation?

In an individual constellation the client takes on all perspectives, comes into resonance with the whole field and thus expands his experience of a situation. Here, too, a new, resolved inner picture emerges.

Are systemic constellations the same like family constellations?

Family constellations are part of systemic constellations. Family constellations are primarily about (possibly hidden) dynamics in the family of origin or present family and about the inner wisdom of existential relationships.

The term "systemic constellations" encompasses the most diverse forms and objectives of constellation work. It includes a variety of schools and influences in this field, such as constellations with the Inner Team, systemic structural constellations and management constellations, among others.

Why systemic?

The understanding here is that the cause of tensions, blockages, obstacles, entanglements is not linear, but is the result of the interactions between the different elements of a system itself and lies within the field. The constellations reveal so-called knowing field (morphogenetic field) in the system of the participants.

Where do constellations take place?

Due to the current situation, constellations currently take place mainly online.

What are advantages of online constellations?

The advantage of online constellations is their flexibility in terms of time and place. In addition, they allow people to step out of their familiar surroundings and share themselves and their concerns with others.

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The current situation pushed me to use an alternative method to achieve very good results with online constellations. I have kept the technique simple but still ensured that interaction can take place. After many tests I have enhanced the procedure and have used it for both individual and group constellations.

What are the technical requirements for online constellations?

Technical requirements: PC or Mac, Firefox or Chrome browser with access to a webcam and microphone. Mobile phones and ipads are not suitable. This is because the screen is too small and it is difficult to "move" on a whiteboard.